What Exactly Is A Backup Camera?

So, what exactly is a backup camera? Here at Autobahn South, Inc, we want to keep you informed about the safety features your vehicle has to offer. Let's learn more about what the backup camera does, and how to use it properly.

The backup camera, otherwise known as the rearview camera is a rear-mounted video camera that usually activates when you shift in reverse and gives you a complete view of what is happening behind you. Because the backup camera is such a key part of the modern car, it is a federal requirement that every vehicle must be equipped with one as of 2018.

If you have a car equipped with a backup camera, it is important to keep the lens clean, as any dirt or water spots will obstruct the view and compromise the purpose. If you would like to test drive a vehicle equipped with backup camera technology, visit us at Autobahn South, Inc.



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