Blind-Spot Monitors & Why They're Important

We want you to be an informed driver who is as safe as possible, whether you’re running to the local grocery store on headed down the freeway. Safety features, like blind-spot monitors, can make a big difference and be an important safety feature to have in your vehicle. Stop at Autobahn South, Inc and get the scoop on what blind-spot monitors can do for you and your family.

Blind-spot monitors can help prevent accidents if you happen to veer into another lane. Approximately 25% of fatal crashes are caused by veering into another lane. Blind-spot monitors will send a light to your side view mirror if it detects vehicles or obstacles in your blind spot.

Still have questions or want to check into getting a blind-spot monitor for your next vehicle? Pay us a visit at our dealership in Brentwood, and take out a vehicle for a test drive while you’re there.


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