Avoiding Driver Distractions is Key to Safety

According to statistics from the GHSA, every year thousands of motorists and cyclists die in needless accidents. While this number is concerning, the good news is drivers like you who take common-sense steps can help to reduce these tragic figures. Avoiding in-vehicle distractions and respecting cyclist rights are two such safety promoting steps.

All too often, drivers can fall into the habit of allowing in-car activities to distract their attention. Things like cell phone use, distracted conversations, and even overly loud music can all contribute to driver mistakes. As such, operators should be aware of this tendency and do their utmost to avoid behaviors that may compromise their attention.

Another simple way in which drivers can increase safety levels is to be aware of and respect the rights of pedestrians and cyclists. For example, cyclists technically have as much right to travel on roads as do vehicles. For this reason, drivers who get stuck behind cyclists must always respect the rights of these individuals and avoid passing riders until the conditions are safe to do so.

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