Roadside Emergency Tips

Vehicle owners often experience roadside problems that may involve a flat tire. The engine might stall. At the first sign of a vehicle problem, have the malfunction assessed by one of our Autobahn South, Inc technicians to prevent further damage and roadside emergencies. However, when finding yourself on the side of the road, there are a few factors to consider.

Drive or push the vehicle as far away from traffic as possible. If the tire blows out, drive on the rim until you are able to safely pull over or visit a repair station. Lives are more important than the cost of a new rim.

Keep an emergency kit in the rear of the vehicle equipped with flares or warning triangles to alert coming traffic. Position warning signals far enough from the vehicle to enable others a safe distance to slow down. If someone stops to render aid, stay in the vehicle, crack the window and ask them to call for help.



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